Please note: document screenshots or pictures are not allowed.  Formal / legible documentation is required.  All pages of every statement are needed. As an example:  if it lists page 1 of 7, all 7 pages are needed.  All these are copies; we do not need the original.  Please scan/send in a secure email, Dropbox or we can set up a time to meet in person.  Based on our loan consultation, we will modify this list specific to you.

General documents

·         Copy of your driver’s license
·         If a purchase, please provide the fully executed purchase contract for the subject property
·         If you are a permanent resident alien, please provide a front & back copy of your green card. 

Income documents:

·         Most recent 2 pay stubs <consecutive 30 days> 
·         2020 W2s.
·         Full 2020 & 2019 personal tax returns <only federal required> - all pages & schedules are required. Please note that taxes must be filed & recorded by IRS. 
·         If self-employed & applicable, full 2020 & 2019 business tax returns including K1s - all pages & schedules are required.
·         Name & number to verify employment <manager/ HR>. 
·         If in school during the past 2 years, please provide your school diploma or transcripts.  This is needed to complete a full 2yr work/ school history.
·         If you receive social security, please provide the most recent Awards Letter.
·         If you receive a pension, please provide documentation that it will continue for at least 3 years after closing.

Asset documents:

·         Last 60 days of all bank statements. Not a transaction history but full statements as you would receive in the mail.  Including: name, account number & all pages of the statement. This will be the source of your downpayment & earnest money.
·         Within each bank statement, please source any non-payroll deposits.  We will guide you to what documentation is needed for each.
·         If applicable, most recent 401K statement <or any other investment / retirement account>. 
·         If you are liquidating investments <IRA / 401K / etc.>, please document the source <60 days / all pages>, liquidation details & updated bank statements once the money is deposited into your account.  If you receive a disbursement check, please make a copy of that check before you deposit.
·         Gift funds: (1) completed gift letter that we will provide, (2) donor wires directly to the closing attorney for closing.
·         When applicable, cleared/canceled earnest money check <image of the check after it clears your account>. You can obtain this online by clicking the associated check number.
·         Once the earnest money clears your account, please provide an updated bank statement <or transaction history> showing the monies leaving & balance after deduction. Date gaps between prior statements are not allowed.


·         Contact name & number for who you would like to use for your homeowner's insurance. 
 o    For a single-family home or townhome, full coverage / 100% replacement cost.
 o    For a condo, you will need an HO6 policy = 20% of unit value.

If you currently own a home:

·         Most recent mortgage statement on all homes owned
·         If you do not escrow tax & insurance in your mortgage, please provide the most recent tax bill & insurance declaration page that will confirm the premium amounts.
·         Document confirming the HOA amount.  A payment book or letter from the HOA would suffice.  If there is not an HOA, please provide a simple letter stating that there is not an HOA for each home owned.
·         If you are on the title but not on the mortgage, please provide the current mortgage 'Note'
·         If you are selling a home before you purchase, please provide the fully executed contract for the sale of your home.  

Additional documents if applicable:

·         If applicable, fully executed divorce decree or child support agreement – including the full settlement agreement & final judgment.